Chef Anthony De Palma


modern italian scratch kitchen

 Great meals are not just the result of amazing food and wine that leave you full and content. A great meal is an emotional journey; one that can transport you to distant memories in the past, all the while grounding you to new experiences and places you experience today.
While food experiences can feel perfect, it is worth acknowledging that there is no such thing as “perfect food”, only the idea of it. The real purpose that any chef or cook has in striving for perfection while cooking becomes perfectly clear: Making people happy. That is what cooking is all about.
Culinary details, fundamental techniques and a kitchen that delivers the finest products to the table are what I’m most passionate about. Each element is on equal terms, making clear that every component is of the utmost importance. My commitment to safeguarding the traditions of Italian hospitality, its cuisines, and the culture of the civilized table are actively expressed through food prepared with passion and care.